“Building Wealth-One Penny at a Time”

Calvin C. Barlow, Jr., Author


​Hello Rev. Barlow:

I just wanted to thank you for writing such an inspiring book. I just finished reading it, and it is great. I am wishing you much success, and I know that everyone who reads it will love the book.

Well done.

Florence Jean


Christine Tyus

Bishop, this book was very enlightening; everyone should buy a copy and read it


Prophetic Building By:

Calvin C. Barlow

Pastor Calvin Barlow has written an excellent book entitled Prophetic Building (a Nightmare or Vision): An Insight Into the Building Dilemmas. This book addresses the do and do not of building a new facility or expanding an existing building. The book has given me great insight and inspiration into what to consider when it comes to building and expanding our own church facility.

I have recommended this book to several friends, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about building or expanding a church. Pastor Barlow’s firsthand experience makes this a “must read” for church leaders and pastors.

Calvin R. Holloway, D. Min.
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church
108 Burton Ln
Earlington, KY 42410

Lowbar Publishing Company



Your book, What Do You Do When Your World Is Turned Upside Down, was a heartfelt message to me. Thank you Sister for allowing me to enter into the deep dark corners of the world of pain and despair you experienced after the death your beloved son, Steven. To read of your deliverance is not only a blessing, but is an encouragement to me. I, too, have had a son to pass away and could definitely relate to this "gut-wrenching" agony. Unless one has experienced the loss of a child, one cannot imagine the awful pain and heartache that becomes your new normal. My prayer for you, Sister Beard, is to continue to allow the strength of the Lord, who has so graciously manifested in you, be an inspiration for others through the journey of grief.

Yours in Christ,
Mary Maupin


This is an awesome book.  It is uplifting, inspiring, and supported by the word of God.  It really helped me draw closer to God and my family.